Best Ways to Increase Your Homes Value in Charlotte NC

Are you trying to entice homebuyers to give you a good offer on your house and increase home value? In Charlotte, North Carolina, home renovations, landscaping, and a kitchen remodel are some of the best ways to increase home value.

To boost the value of your home and raise the number of offers, you may want to install energy-efficient appliances, renovate the countertops, and complete a bathroom remodel. Want to learn more about the best ways to increase home value? Keep reading for more information about home improvement projects. Let’s get started!

use high end finishes

Use High-End Finishes

One of the best ways to increase home value is to add high-end finishing touches and DIY home improvement solutions. Homeowners in North Carolina looking to sell their real estate property can boost their home’s value with high-end finishes and beautiful decorations.

Nothing says expensive, luxurious, and extravagant like a chandelier, a skylight, and floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Modern cabinetry, for instance, provides more elegance and openness in your kitchen. You can also add a kitchen island to modernize the room more. 

You can add impressive light fixtures and change the faucets into more modern, stylish ones. If your hardwood floors have scratches or stains, it’s time to renovate that wood.

Nice-looking wooden floors provide comfort in the home that you won’t find with laminate flooring. You will connect with nature, especially when adding tiger print or zebra print rugs for another high-end finish. 

Further, a large lamp can make your living room stand out. Don’t forget to decorate the hallways as well. You might want to add a vase of flowers or green plants on small side tables in these spaces.

You can combine different furniture pieces with larger armchairs and softer couches. Work with a decorator to create a homey space, so that prospective buyers can imagine their friends and family finding comfort in the living room. Along with the right décor, a simple finishing touch includes a paint job. Add a fresh coat of paint to the bedrooms and kitchen.

Add Space With Extensions

Declutter your home before putting it up on the real estate market. Doing so will add more space to your property. Adding more usable square footage throughout the house and the outdoor space will increase the financial viability and resale value of the property. With landscaping work, you can add more space and increase curb appeal.

By extending the space in your home, you will likely get higher offers from potential buyers. The property value of real estate greatly depends on the square footage. As such, you may want to build another bathroom, an extra room, or a sitting area in your yard. 

Yet, building an extra room does cost plenty. On average, an extra room can cost $49,562 based on HomeAdvisor statistics. In general, these costs range between $22,422 and $80,911. Yet, depending on how luxurious of a room you build, the price may go as high as $100,000 or more.

If you don’t have that kind of money, you can always sell your house as-is. You can sell a house fast in Charlotte by choosing cash buyers. If you don’t want to sell your house for cash, you need to clean and declutter your home to add more space. Deep cleaning services and removing clutter can help increase the value of the house by as much as $4,000.

You will need to go through all of your closets and cabinets. Start donating some of the more oversized items and organizing the home. If you are downsizing, you will need to remove much of your furniture and other belongings.

Use Energy-Efficient House Features

Buyers also seek out an energy-efficient home to reduce their overall energy costs. Luckily, there are low-cost ways to increase the energy efficiency of a home. For example, you can get smart thermostats to boost efficiency and cut utility bills. 

To boost buyers’ first impression, try a whole-house systems approach to improve energy efficiency. That approach includes:

  • Sealing and insulation
  • Water heating
  • Heating and cooling improvements
  • Lighting solutions
  • New appliances and electronic equipment
  • Sealing the front door and windows

When choosing specific home upgrades, you can also implement solar electricity and solar water heating. Consider adding some solar panels to your home’s roof. Yet, you will want to work with experts to install solar panels so that your home’s exterior remains attractive. Advanced house framing also helps boost energy efficiency while reducing lumber waste. 

A bathroom and kitchen remodel boosts your home’s value and energy-efficient features. 

new kitchen and bathroom

New Kitchen and Bathroom

You can update your kitchen and renovate those cabinets, faucets, and dishwashers. An outdated kitchen might keep your home on the real estate market for too long. However, remodeling your kitchen and making sure it’s modernized should get you an offer quickly.

Even a minor remodel like installing new appliances could make a difference in your home’s value. Repainting your kitchen walls could also help. 

Renovating the bathroom is also a good idea to increase your home value. You may want to install new bathroom tiles and a new sink. If you have a rusty showerhead, it’s time to update it. Research shows that you can increase your home’s sale price by 10 percent if you renovate your kitchen and bathroom.

The best time to put house on the market is after these renovations with a greater asking price.

Add in Smart Technology

Smart home technology has also become more affordable in recent years. To increase the value of your home and ensure more buyers show an interest, you should add some smart technology tools to the house. 

Some low-maintenance ways to reduce energy use and improve efficiency include adding smart technology tools like:

  • Smart thermostats
  • A smart smoke detector
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart solar panels
  • Smart door locks
  • Smart sprinkler control system
  • Smart moisture sensor system

Smart thermostats will automatically change the temperature depending on whether you’re home or not to save on heating costs. A smart smoke detector will also tell the difference between an actual fire versus people merely cooking breakfast or lunch. 

Smart solar panels let you manage the performance of each panel using junction boxes. Smart lighting dimmers and sensors also help reduce electricity costs. 

A smart door lock means a new house buyer will not need to stress about having a key available in one’s pockets or purse. The homeowner will not need to have a spare key hidden under a rock or end up calling someone to open the front door after installing a smart door lock.  

Specific people like family members and close friends can get added to the smart door lock system as well. You can also program the smart sprinkler system to base the amount of water used on the season and weather. 

With a smart moisture sensor system, you will have a chance to prevent water damage and mold. By keeping your home mold-free, buyers will benefit from a well-kept property and likely provide you with a higher offer.


High-end finishes, decluttering, adding smart technology, and renovating your kitchen and bathrooms could increase the value of your property. However, you may not have the funds for these steps, and you may wonder whether the return on investment is worth it.

As such, you can sell your home in its as-is condition to cash buyers and companies that buy houses in North Carolina. We buy houses in Belmont, so contact us today. 

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