The Cash Offer Process On A House in SC

Buying a house has been no cakewalk lately. Homes are getting more expensive, and the market for them is skyrocketing.

You need to get creative with how you place an offer if you want to compete in a red hot market. That is where a cash offer for a house can come into play. Cash home buyers are a dream for sellers, and selling a house for cash is more common now than in recent history. Your liquidity can be a massive perk in this market, as there will be no mortgage financing required.

However, it isn’t always a simple process. Some companies buy houses for cash; you need to consider the option to sell your house for cash if you are selling your home to buy another.

Tiffany Property Invest strives to help you navigate the cash offer process and make it as simple as possible. This article will discuss how the cash offer on the house process, how long it can take to make a cash offer, the laws associated with a home sale, and nitty-gritty details such as cash sale contacts and home inspections payment processes, and closing documents. 

We’ll make selling a house for cash simple and easy, so you can relax and enjoy your dream home. 

The Cash Offer Process On A House in SC

How Long Do Cash Home Purchases Usually Take? 

So, by now, you’re probably interested in the cash home buying process, but you’re likely wondering, how long do cash home purchases usually take?

The cash offer process is relatively quick because it takes fewer steps than a loan purchase.  You can complete a cash purchase in about two weeks, which is insanely fast for a home purchase. Often, they take 30 to 60 days from start to finish.

A cash offer can significantly increase the time frame for you to buy your home, and it can increase the time it takes for your home to be accepted because a cash offer is so attractive to sellers. That is one of the benefits of the cash offer process. A cash deal can cut down on the time it takes to complete a purchase. 

A cash home buyer will also forgo interest rates and, therefore, lower closing costs. This and many other reasons make the selling a house for cash process more attractive to sellers and buyers.

Cash offers are sellers’ favorite offers because they are quicker, and who wouldn’t want to cut down on the time it takes to get paid for a significant transaction such as a home sale. The cash offer on the house process usually skips the mortgage payment underwriting and the appraisal process, which cuts down on a lot of time for both parties.  

A fair cash offer on even the most expensive home sales will often trump any other offers on the table, making a cash home buyer very likely to get the home of their dreams.

Cash Home Buyer Laws in South Carolina 

There are some cash home buyer laws in South Carolina that sellers and companies that buy houses in Fort Mill and surrounding areas need to be aware of. A fair cash deal can be an excellent idea for both parties, as long as they know the cash buyer laws. 

There are specific laws when selling a house for cash in South Carolina, including South Carolina Code § 27-50-40, which makes it mandatory for any home seller to complete and provide a home buyer with a disclosure form. This form must state any issues the seller is aware of when selling the house, such as a leaking roof or flood damage. 

Cash home buyer laws are created to protect the seller and buyer in purchasing a home. When selling a house for cash, specific laws are made so that both parties are protected and safe from fraud. 

The Cash Offer On House Process in SC 

A cash home buying process and cash home selling process are likely looking pretty good. But the process of making a cash offer isn’t as simple as just handing over the money for a home sale.

First, you need to find a real estate agent you trust. While you might not need to find a mortgage lender, a real estate agent is often necessary for cash home buyers, just like a traditional mortgage loan home selling process. Once you find a home you want to make a fair cash deal on, your real estate agent will negotiate the terms for you. 

Then, cash home buyers in Rock Hill and surrounding areas must provide proof of funds. An accredited financial institution will need to verify that your cash offer for a house is good and that you can cover the cost of the asking price for the home. Often, this will be a bank statement or similar financial statement to verify you have the funds to make a cash sale. 

Next, you will want to consider having an inspection done. Many people selling a house for cash will be happy to accommodate this because the cash offer on the house process is already cutting time out of the general process. Making an all-cash offer for the purchase price saves time for everyone involved.

Research important factors like property taxes and crime rates, and consider any renovations you want a way to complete. These factors are essential to consider before making real estate transactions.

Contracts and other Pre-Sale Documentation 

There are undoubtedly many contracts and documentation records that you will need in the process of selling a house for cash or making a cash offer on house purchases. Homeownership includes many agreements that can be a hassle. This includes pre-sale documentation, proof of funds or pre-approval documents, earnest money documents, etc. 

You will likely need to do a credit score check before the closing process to ensure you have not had a recent foreclosure or bankruptcy. This is more applicable for home loans but may be done in this situation. There may also be an appraisal contingency in the contract and a requirement for a home appraisal to be completed. This is also the time for an earnest money deposit to be paid.

Home Inspections for House Sellers

Home inspections are optional but highly recommended before completing any fair cash deal. A cash home buyer has even more time to spare because they are speeding up the process by skipping specific financing steps. You might as well ensure you get what you’re paying for. Consider also completing a land survey. It is recommended that your realtor add an inspection contingency to your final contracts while in escrow.

Payment Processes 

Finally, the purchase of the home is ready to be complete. Once you have inspected and gotten the house appraised, you’ll be prepared to pay for the home. You need to finalize a check for the money owed on the home, minus the earnest money you’ve already paid if that was part of your contract agreement. Then, complete the wire transfer or deliver the cashier’s check to the seller’s agent. 

closing docs and transfer

Closing Docs and Transfers 

You’ll complete some final closing documentation to finalize the house purchase and officially claim the home as your own. Then, you will need to get homeowners insurance for your new home and change the title to your name.


The process of selling a house for cash in South Carolina can be confusing, but the best thing you can do is educate yourself on it. With the knowledge we’ve given you, you should be comfortable beginning to sell your house for cash or start the cash offer process for your own home. 

And, if you’re selling a house for cash in South Carolina or North Carolina, we’re here for you. We buy houses in South Carolina, including Fort Mill and Rock Hill. 

Remember, an all-cash offer can put you miles ahead of your competition in this competitive market. Homeowners love these offers, and you need every advantage you can get in a seller’s market.

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